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Building Infrastructure of Resistance

by Adam Heidebrink-Bruno It’s easy for the individual to feel quite small in relation to the global superstructures that control the greater part of our lives. Even with a real, honest concern regarding the current state of things, individuals may … more

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Community Exchange

The Alliance and Community Exchange The Alliance is partnering with Community Exchange as a new way for individuals and organizations to work together to build a stronger, healthier, and more sustainable community. [More info on the Alliance’s mission] Community Exchange … more

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Women quietly mobilize for a sustainable and healthy future

by Kerri Mullen As a mother, a biologist and ecologist, and a teacher, I believe it is important to find a supportive community within which to share thoughts and ideas on living sustainably for the health of our children and … more

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Time dollars: a local currency.

The Alliance is an organizational member of the Community Exchange Time Dollar Network. As Anne Rogers, contact person for Community Exchange, describes it in the Directory: Community Exchange is a “neighbor to neighbor” intergenerational model of Time Banks USA. Community … more

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