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Grant Township Wins Key Motions

The township is battling the gas industry in court. The township is defending its right to ban frack injection wells. The industry is seeking to overturn that ban. Here’s an August 11, 2016 CELDF press release updating the situation. Grant … more

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Raw Milk

2016: Raw Milk – Battling Criminalization 1- Update: Court Hearing Results in the Amos Miller case: From Amos Miller on Jun 30, 2016 at 9:55am: Some of you may be wondering what the results of last week’s hearing were so … more

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Working for a Sustainable Williams Township

by Alisa Baratta, Kathy Lilley, and Jennifer Petrozzo The small, rural community of Williams Township has a 35-year history of residents fighting the corporate interests of a local landfill. Community members have been responsible for documenting and calling attention to landfill … more

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