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Indigenous People and their role in the Americas

Content in preparation (including discussion of Columbus Day & Indigenous Peoples’ Day)  

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Education & sustainability

Education and schools have important connections to becoming more sustainable. Schools need to: Model sustainability in their facilities and operations, reducing greenhouse gas emissions [GHG] and minimizing environmental & health impacts. Teach about sustainable living and develop students who are … more

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Sustainability Questions for Students & Educators

To make good decisions about sustainability, people need to know the facts. Here are some questions that have arisen and might be suitable for class projects or independent study: What steps can local & county government take to produce immediate reductions in … more

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Problem-Solving Courts

Since the 1990s, a new type of court has been developed — ‘problem-solving courts’, where the focus is on solving the problems, not just punishment. Drug courts, community courts, domestic violence courts, mental health courts, wellness courts,… the list is … more

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Restorative Justice

Our present justice system is based on the idea that punishment will cause people to become better members of society. As far as I can see, there is little evidence that this is true. Of course, some people who are … more

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Evolve Towards Involvement

by Alexandra Edelstein How can a disconnected, unresponsive population be empowered to take responsibility for their community? This questions is not easy to answer, but is at the heart of any discussion on community governance and justice. In Fall 2009, … more

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