Education and Democracy

Education and Democracy A few thoughts on education for a democracy, by some of our greatest thinkers on education: “The proper education of the young does not consist of stuffing their heads with a mass of words, sentences, and ideas … more

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Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Misconduct

Fortunately, most law enforcement officers and justice system officials are honest and try their best to do the right thing — but there are some who do not, some who use their power in ways that compromise people’s rights and harm … more

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Envision LV – Affordable Housing

Use the comments feature on this page to add your thoughts on Envision LV’s draft report on housing in the Lehigh Valley—whether it’s a response to what they included or something you think needs to be added. If you haven’t … more

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Sustainability Questions for Students & Educators

To make good decisions about sustainability, people need to know the facts. Here are some questions that have arisen and might be suitable for class projects or independent study: What steps can local & county government take to produce immediate reductions in … more

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MLK’s Final Speech

I Have Been to the Mountaintop Martin Luther King, Jr. April 3, 1968, Memphis, Tennessee “Thank you very kindly, my friends. As I listened to Ralph Abernathy in his eloquent and generous introduction and then thought about myself, I wondered … more

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MLK: Breaking the Silence

Dr. King gave this talk nearly 45 years ago, but it seems remarkably applicable today if you replace the name Viet Nam with Iraq, Iran, or the Middle East. And despite our ast resources, we have made little progress against … more

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Occupy Wall Street’s Moral Ground

By Kathleen Moore in Yes! Magazine, November 1, 2011] Much of the Occupy movement’s power comes from a simple moral message: It’s wrong to wreck the world. It’s wrong to wreck the health and hopes of others. The Occupy Wall … more

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Statement from the NYC General Assembly

Following is the first collective statement from the New York City General Assembly, issued October 5 2011. As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. … more

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Embracing Diversity

by Emma Cleveland Think about that poster—I’m sure you’ve seen it because it hangs in many an elementary school classroom—of children holding hands around a cartoon globe, their skin varying shades of the rainbow. They might be wearing traditional dress from their country … more

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