Is There Hope for the Future?

by Alex Fischer Conducting one’s life to end exploitation and injustice is moral and dignified. The twin threats of nuclear war and climate change forecast a bleak future. While we cannot know whether or not people and their societies can … more

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Education and Democracy

Education and Democracy A few thoughts on education for a democracy, by some of our greatest thinkers on education: “The proper education of the young does not consist of stuffing their heads with a mass of words, sentences, and ideas … more

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Social Research Social Justice: The Wide Variety of Presentations in 2016

By Molly Majewicz The Social Research Social Justice Annual Conference, held this year on April 8th, began in 2003 at Muhlenberg College in a collaborative effort between the faculty and students. The goal, as Muhlenberg’s website states, is to “create … more

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Torture In Service to Empire

by Gary Olson Last August, our Nobel Peace Prize laureate, President Barack Obama, admitted that “we tortured some folks,” but then added, this is “not who we are.” At best, his statement was a half-truth. First, it’s not “some” folks … more

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It’s capitalism, stupid!

by Faramarz Farbod Global capitalism is the 800-pound gorilla. The twin ecological and economic crises, militarism, the rise of the surveillance state, and a dysfunctional political system can all be traced to its normal operations. We need a transformative politics … more

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Riddle: How is Capitalism Like an Elephant?

The system is broken. Everyone knows that. But do you know that no one knows what the hell the system is? We may be missing the obvious, like the proverbial elephant in the room, that we’re blanking out to, as … more

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Your Voting Scorecard

Voting, Elections, and You! We’ve heard enough about the winners and losers, haven’t we? What we need to know is how you rate. The measuring tool in the attachment is designed to rate your involvement in our political system. yourvotingscorecard3

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Environmental Justice Public Participation Guidelines

The Pennsylvania DEP provides guidelines on the type of outreach that is needed for effective community engagement. The following is a plain-English version of their guidelines. Community Outreach Effective outreach requires multiple efforts, including open dialogue early in the planning … more

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It’s Symbiosis, Stupid

by Tom Church & Sheila Gallagher We, the people, get it. Why not our “Leaders”? We are just back from the February DC rally—Forward on Climate—attended with 40,000+ of our friends and neighbors. Marching past the White House. Past the … more

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Sustainability and the Rights of Future Generations

by Leah Boecker “Unsustainable actions have affected the ecological processes and functions that keep our planet stable… violating the human rights of younger and future generations by taking away their opportunity to live in a healthy, stable living environment.” Human … more

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