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Your Voting Scorecard

Voting, Elections, and You! We’ve heard enough about the winners and losers, haven’t we? What we need to know is how you rate. The measuring tool in the attachment is designed to rate your involvement in our political system. yourvotingscorecard3

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Sustainability and the Rights of Future Generations

by Leah Boecker “Unsustainable actions have affected the ecological processes and functions that keep our planet stable… violating the human rights of younger and future generations by taking away their opportunity to live in a healthy, stable living environment.” Human … more

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Political Involvement for the Sake of Our Communities

by Greta Browne and Guy Gray Is your participation in the electoral process limited to voting on election day? Maybe in the primaries too? On the other hand, do you remember a time when you felt hopeful, fascinated, enthusiastic, inspired by … more

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