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Resources (Sustainability Impact Assessment)

Resources to complete a Sustainability Impact Assessment [In development – if you have questions now send an email to Peter Crownfield, coordinator for the sustainability impact assessment project.] DRAFT This list is provided as a starting point for others doing a … more

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Recommendations (Sustainability Impact Assessment)

The recommendations take a holistic view to mitigate the challenges associated with the Da Vinci Science City and explore opportunities. Each recommendation indicates which of the five impact areas (climate, community, local economy, health, and environment). All recommendations are directed to the … more

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Teaching About Food, Climate, and Sustainability

by Alyssa Fama Growing up, I always admired the beauty of nature and the world around me; blossoming flowers in the spring, the buzzing of insects during the summer, changing leaf colors in the fall and the silent snowfall in … more

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Green Pond

by Matt Wolff I see them flying overhead blue sky above wetness on their skinny ankles their beaks press in the soil for food nothing near like this for them so many come from so many places a superior form … more

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Empowerment and Engagement for Sustainability and Climate Action

by Joyce Marin We are hearing a choir of voices around the world rising in urgency regarding Climate Action. Many people, especially young people, are gaining the courage to look at, inform themselves about, discuss and ask for Climate Action. … more

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Drawing Down Atmospheric Carbon

by Rebecca Canright As a student studying sustainability at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, I am encouraged by the recent research that Paul Hawken and his colleagues have conducted on the 100 most effective solutions to global warming. The … more

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Creating a Local Climate for Community Conversation and Action

by Diane W. Husic The first report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 1990)1 led to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The 195 countries that signed this 1992 treaty, including the U.S., are obligated to … more

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How can we create a sustainable future?

by Harris Eisenhardt The answer, I believe, is as follows: Do not mourn the loss of this planet prematurely, and do not resign to the pessimists’ comfort. Personal actions contribute to collective climate change […] we should hold ourselves accountable. … more

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The Environmental Perils of Consumerism

by Emma Stierhoff Consumerism […] encourages both increased consumption and increased waste, resulting in environmental destruction. It was not until I began identifying as an environmentalist in high school that I started to question the constant pressure to buy more … more

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The Cycle of Discarding

by Briana VanBuskirk We’re stuck in a cycle that fosters the creation, use, and discarding of materials without any consideration for the environment, animal rights, or human rights. Why is this? It’s no secret that financial gain is the core … more

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