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Teaching About Food, Climate, and Sustainability

by Alyssa Fama Growing up, I always admired the beauty of nature and the world around me; blossoming flowers in the spring, the buzzing of insects during the summer, changing leaf colors in the fall and the silent snowfall in … more

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Colleges Lead the Way

The Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (‘LVAIC’) held its third valley-wide Campus Sustainability Conference in February. Keynote speaker Shana S. Weber, who directs the Office of Sustainability at Princeton University, kicked off the day with a talk on the … more

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Economy and Environment—Must We Choose?

by Lindsay Meiman As I was walking to class with a friend the other day, he casually asked me, “why do you care so much about sustainability?” I paused in my tracks, taken aback by the immensity of possible explanations … more

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The Legal Alien

by Ida Halleröd I arrived in the Lehigh Valley in January this year from Gothenburg, Sweden. My husband got transferred here for work and I tagged along, figuring it would be one of life’s great adventures. I had slim pre-knowledge … more

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Education: The Key to a Sustainable Future

by Courtney Cohen Society has made great strides to improve modern medicine, communication, and technology, but in the process, we have lost our innate connection with the natural world. Early environmentalists like Thoreau and Pinchot warned society that they were … more

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The Bullied Earth

by Brianna Marmol The other day I heard a friend’s grandmother lamenting about the pressure to go “green”. She said that while recycling is important, she can’t buy a recycling bin because “I’m old and can’t be bothered. There’s too … more

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The Cycle of Discarding

by Briana VanBuskirk We’re stuck in a cycle that fosters the creation, use, and discarding of materials without any consideration for the environment, animal rights, or human rights. Why is this? It’s no secret that financial gain is the core … more

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Comments and Quotes

From the 2016 edition of Sustainable Lehigh Valley” The Role of the Arts “The arts have a great capacity as a binding community force.” —Doug Roysdon, “Quantitative Index for Sustainable Arts Organizations” (draft) “When you partner with local arts, you partner … more

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Cross-curriculum integration

As part of the schools initiative, we’re posting this preliminary list of thoughts on implementing climate-related activities in various subject areas: Below are some ideas that can serve as a starting point — they’re not intended as actual classroom activities … more

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