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Organized Localization

by Tom Church Our present society values commercial success over ecological sustainability. We fear scarcity more than we celebrate abundance. People cope with the pressure of living in this atmosphere in as many ways as there are people. In this … more

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Preserving Our Communities

by Erlinda Aguiar My experience has shown me that a community is an interactive group where its members have an impact on each other and that the diversity of its members only contributes to make the community better.  I hope … more

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A Reflection on Place, History, and Resilience

by Diane Husic Recently, I took refuge from work to visit the former site of Bethlehem Steel. This may seem like a strange place for a retreat, but when your work involves ecological restoration of contaminated sites and adaptation to … more

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Opportunity for Engagement: Byler Farm for sale.

Janet and Urbane Byler are retiring and have put their farm up for sale. Here’s information from them about the farm. For more information, email Janet and Urbane: We have been operating an October Pumpkin Festival for 28 years that … more

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Contribute Your Ideas to the Envision LV Plan!

This is not an official Envision LV page, but we want to provide a way for you to access the draft plans they are creating and comment on what they got right and what’s missing. The following is from a … more

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It’s Symbiosis, Stupid

by Tom Church & Sheila Gallagher We, the people, get it. Why not our “Leaders”? We are just back from the February DC rally—Forward on Climate—attended with 40,000+ of our friends and neighbors. Marching past the White House. Past the … more

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How Will We Shape Sandy’s Legacy?

by Rachel Hogan Carr To those who endured and watched as the storm passed along the East Coast of the United States, the story of Hurricane Sandy is one of heartache and devastation. To those who follow weather, the storm … more

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Local Action Will Build a Better Future

by Jennifer Tillman — It may take a little while, but people will catch on. Soon enough, our society will realize that change is necessary, and sustainable living will be seen as mainstream. This generation will be the one to … more

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