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Table of Contents (Sustainability Impact Assessment)

Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Why a Sustainability Impact Assessment? What does Sustainability Mean? Types of Impacts Considered The Easton – Phillipsburg Area Impacts Building Design & Systems Transportation Food Educational Programming & Operations Construction Recommendations & Opportunities Building … more

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Resources (Sustainability Impact Assessment)

Resources to complete a Sustainability Impact Assessment [In development – if you have questions now send an email to Peter Crownfield, coordinator for the sustainability impact assessment project.] DRAFT This list is provided as a starting point for others doing a … more

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Acknowledgments (Sustainability Impact Assessment)

First of all, the Alliance thanks the 5 student interns whose hard work made this project possible: Olivia Barz (Lehigh ’19) Ryan Dougherty (Lafayette ’19) Harris Eisenhardt (SUNY–ESF ’19) Ashley Kushner (Lafayette ’19) Brandy Moser (Boston University ‘21) The project … more

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Personal Takes on the Challenges of Climate Change

Four folks share some of their thoughts on this daunting matter. Dork Sahagian, Professor of Earth and Environmental Science at Lehigh University: Two things to consider in meeting the challenge: mitigation and adaptation. 1. Mitigation is what we need to … more

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Community Health in the Lehigh Valley

by Jacqline Wolf Tice C.E.A. Winslow, the 20th-century “founder” of the modern public health movement, famously described public health as, “the science and the art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting physical health and mental health and efficiency through … more

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Seeking Common Ground: An Environmental Scientist Turns to Fiction Writing

by Kate Brandes I’ve worked most of my twenty-five-year career, not as a writer, but as an environmental scientist. One of my first memories at age four is of the magnolia tree outside the shabby apartment complex on the outskirts … more

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Elevating the Huddled Masses: How Health Equity Promotes Sustainability

by Adrian Shanker In considering sustainability, one must ask:“How are the most marginalized in our community supported?” The sociocultural area of sustainability perhaps receives less attention than the economic and environmental pillars, but sociocultural sustainability has great influence on the … more

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South Side Initiative

by Mary Catherine Foltz How can Universities and communities work together to promote sustainability? Lehigh University’s South Side Initiative (SSI) has developed a few different ways to answer this question in the past years. Recently, we worked with community partners … more

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Organized Localization

by Tom Church Our present society values commercial success over ecological sustainability. We fear scarcity more than we celebrate abundance. People cope with the pressure of living in this atmosphere in as many ways as there are people. In this … more

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Preserving Our Communities

by Erlinda Aguiar My experience has shown me that a community is an interactive group where its members have an impact on each other and that the diversity of its members only contributes to make the community better.  I hope … more

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