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by Colton Krial & Leah Triber During the first month of 2014, Oxfam released a report on the state of global inequality. The fact that quickly came to define the report spoke of the unprecedented level of wealth that a … more

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Energy Improvements to Existing Buildings—a Potent Tool for Reversing Climate Change

by Bruce Wilson Imagine a world where there is a climate crisis and most people, feeling helpless about the vastness of the problem, ignore the easiest changes that can make the quickest impact while providing a good return on investment. … more

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Building Infrastructure of Resistance

by Adam Heidebrink-Bruno It’s easy for the individual to feel quite small in relation to the global superstructures that control the greater part of our lives. Even with a real, honest concern regarding the current state of things, individuals may … more

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Action Research

Action research, sometimes called participatory action research, has great potential for improving professional practice in many fields. As the Action Research Network of the Americas [ARNA] puts it: Action research involves inquiry into areas of concern or challenge facing communities and … more

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Free Speech in the ‘Town Square’

When Sands BethWorks, of which Las Vegas Sands Corp. is the majority partner, deeded property for the Levitt Pavilion and the ’21st Century Town Square’ at the SteelStacks campus, they included a stipulation that the property could not be used … more

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The Importance of Being Radical

by Noël Jones I attended the memorial service of a dear friend recently, a friend who had been very active during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. A college friend of his spoke at the service about attending protests … more

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Claiming My Sanity

by Suzanne Hall I ’m scared. The world seems to have gone crazy, and I am a part of that world. I imagine the world as a moving body that is running towards the edge of a cliff. That cliff is … more

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