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Community Engagement

Here are some initial thoughts on the community engagement process: Government agencies frequently accept public comment on proposed plans or projects, but the primary purpose is often only to fulfill a legal requirement. Members of the community often do not … more

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Sustainability and the Rights of Future Generations

by Leah Boecker “Unsustainable actions have affected the ecological processes and functions that keep our planet stable… violating the human rights of younger and future generations by taking away their opportunity to live in a healthy, stable living environment.” Human … more

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Don’t Harm the Messenger

by Santiago Tito Rivera Jr. I’m honored to have the opportunity to share with you a brief exploration of what life is like in SouthSide Bethlehem, where I live and call home. While there are many who are active voices … more

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Our Cultural Infrastructure

by Doug Roysdon This network of artists and small-to-medium sized non-profit organizations has evolved, not out of direct commercial interest, but as means of serving the diverse cultural needs of the regional audience. Its existence is organic, shaped directly by … more

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Embracing Diversity

by Emma Cleveland Think about that poster—I’m sure you’ve seen it because it hangs in many an elementary school classroom—of children holding hands around a cartoon globe, their skin varying shades of the rainbow. They might be wearing traditional dress from their country … more

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Equality Leads Us to a Sustainable Valley

by Adrian Shanker — If sustainability is a guideline to ensuring the preservation of our land and community for the foreseeable future, then surely sustainability must include how we as community members and leaders treat each other. This becomes an … more

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