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A Reflection on Place, History, and Resilience

by Diane Husic Recently, I took refuge from work to visit the former site of Bethlehem Steel. This may seem like a strange place for a retreat, but when your work involves ecological restoration of contaminated sites and adaptation to … more

Grant Township Wins Key Motions

The township is battling the gas industry in court. The township is defending its right to ban frack injection wells. The industry is seeking to overturn that ban. Here’s an August 11, 2016 CELDF press release updating the situation. Grant … more

Earth Day 2016: An Experience at Muhlenberg College

by Molly Majewicz This year on Friday, April 22nd, the day was overcast and humid, but the predicted chance of rain didn’t deter many passionate Muhlenberg students and community members from creating a sustainability-centered fair, of sorts. On-campus groups like … more

Social Research Social Justice: The Wide Variety of Presentations in 2016

By Molly Majewicz The Social Research Social Justice Annual Conference, held this year on April 8th, began in 2003 at Muhlenberg College in a collaborative effort between the faculty and students. The goal, as Muhlenberg’s website states, is to “create … more

Campus Sustainability: How LVAIC universities are making big changes!

By Molly Majewicz The LVAIC Campus Sustainability Conference on February 20th featured a number of specialized sessions where various aspects of sustainability were explored in depth. They ranged from power conservancy to sustainable agriculture, to school-to-farm efforts, and community relations … more

Campus Sustainability? Yum!

By Molly Majewicz At the LVAIC Campus Sustainability Conference on February 20th, food on college campuses was a big topic of discussion. In congruence with the keynote speaker’s main message of changing campus ethos, many of the sessions that day … more

Campus Sustainability: A Window into How We Can Change National Ethos

by Molly Majewicz At the LVAIC Campus Sustainability Conference on February 20, 2016, keynote speaker Dr. Shana Weber, Director of the Office of Sustainability at Princeton University, urged the forward-thinking students and faculty present to strongly think about ethos—our character, … more

Committee of 100

A “green shadow government”: an organizational structure of the sustainability community and for the community at large to meet individual and organizational needs holistically: unlocking imaginations and releasing creativity; enabling organizations and individuals to work collaboratively; and working on the whole … more

Resources on Action Research

Thanks to Moravian College students Brianne Schoolcraft ’15 & Christopher Ossont ’15 for compiling these resources! Action Research infed.org/mobi/action-research/ This page offers a helpful look at the definition and origin of Action Research, as well as an overview of the … more

Environmental Justice Public Participation Guidelines

The Pennsylvania DEP provides guidelines on the type of outreach that is needed for effective community engagement. The following is a plain-English version of their guidelines. Community Outreach Effective outreach requires multiple efforts, including open dialogue early in the planning … more