Sustainable Travel

by Scott Slingerland I believe that most people truly care and have the highest respect for human life, clean air, and clean water. Yet, people are conditioned and desensitized to things that kill us every day—traffic crashes and vehicle emissions. … more

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The Environmental Perils of Consumerism

by Emma Stierhoff Consumerism […] encourages both increased consumption and increased waste, resulting in environmental destruction. It was not until I began identifying as an environmentalist in high school that I started to question the constant pressure to buy more … more

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Forgoing Fossil Fuels, Finally

By Rebecca Canright One of the greatest flaws of human nature is our urge to resist change in favor of stability. In America, many of us cling to our current way of life —our big, oil-hungry cars and homes, our destructive … more

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Cross-curriculum integration

As part of the schools initiative, we’re posting this preliminary list of thoughts on implementing climate-related activities in various subject areas: Below are some ideas that can serve as a starting point — they’re not intended as actual classroom activities … more

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Envision LV – Climate Change

Use the comments feature on this page to add your thoughts on Envision LV’s draft report on Climate Change—whether it’s a response to what they included or something you think needs to be added. The following drafts were prepared by … more

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Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association

by Bill Hennessey The pace of climate change is increasing faster than predictions, while U.S. action to slow it down has crept to a crawl. The economy, the economy! That’s all that matters. Economic stimulus and tax breaks have been selected … more

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