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Event Types

Events in our calendar are classified by event type so you can search our Events Calendar for the kinds of local actions that interest you.

These “event types” are not mutually exclusive, indeed many events are combinations of two or more of them. Here they are, listed in alphabetical order, with some comments about each.

Events identified in this way are for folks interested in taking action: letter writing, phone, and petition campaigns; door-to-door canvassing; lobbying; vigils, marches, and picketing; “Days of Action”, like “Moving Planet” day, Sept 24 2011; civil disobedience. Example: Monthly peace vigil, 2nd Thursdays from 4pm to 5pm at the south end of the Hill to Hill Bridge in Bethlehem

→ Made up of multiple sessions providing a variety of perspectives on some aspect of sustainability. Includes expos. Some are not local, but have local applications. Example: “Schools and Food: Invitation to a Revolution” event in California on 10/13/2011.

Field Trips-Workshops
→ Visits to facilities to see first hand what and how things are done. Wild food walks. Hands-on workshops/classes to learn how-to stuff, providing the re-skilling needed for creating resilient communities. For example, visits to farms making use of permaculture principles.

Film Screenings
Includes films, DVDs, videos. Example, the Third Thursday screenings of the SouthSide Film Institute in Bethlehem.

→  Theatrical or musical performances, exhibitions of photographs, paintings, sculpture, with a sustainability aura. Example, “Welcome, Neighbor” exhibit of the Collective Memory Project of the Lehigh Valley.

Planning Meetings
→ The regular “business” meetings organizations hold to plan their activities. For example, LEPOCO’s 2nd Monday Monthly Action Meeting.

→ These provide information about some sustainability topic. Includes panels (which allow for discussion of particular matters from a number of different standpoints by several different speakers) and peer group discussions (which give priority to input from all present, for example, World Cafés and Open Space Days events).

→ While of a social and/or recreational nature, such events would have a sustainability focus and/or would provide opportunity for sustainability folks to get together informally. Includes fundraisers, potlucks, and dinners. Example, Allentown Brew Works’ Green Drinks on second Wednesdays.