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Advocating for Change in the Criminal Justice System

This semester, I have done extensive research into the criminal justice system and believe that how the US handles crime and punishment is fundamentally flawed. I am calling for campuses to hold a criminal justice week that will make students … more

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What is the purpose of prisons?

I recently watched a film called Circles by Shanti Thakur that discussed an alternative form of sentencing, called Circle Sentencing, used with Aboriginal offenders. In this process, the focus is on healing the community, offender, and victims. This film made … more

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Death Penalty in Slow Motion

Most of the inmates at the facility that I am interested in are there for non-violent (specifically drug-related offenses). The process of re-entry for those in jail for shorter periods of time is much different from those who are imprisoned … more

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My Personal Prison Project

I am on a quest to make a change in this world. Inequality, injustice, and inhumanity exist around us, and we need to open our eyes to it. Last year, I joined a club at my university called the Prison … more

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Maison Allen: ‘We Need to Hold Boys Accountable’

“Boys will be boys,” the mother says as her son pulls a girl’s hair because he wants her toys. “Boys will be boys,” the teacher responds dismissively as they hear high school boys objectifying a female student. “Boys will be … more

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Maison Allen: ‘Decolonizing America for a Sustainable Future’

by Maison Allen What if Europeans never settled in North America? Would the land in this country have remained unharmed? Would the environment be in better condition than it is today? Unlike colonists, the Native people did not treat the … more

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Guns: don’t ban, regulate!

On February 14, 2018, another school was terrorized by gun violence. In Parkland Florida, 17 victims were killed at the hands of a malicious shooter who rampaged through Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. While this is a tragedy, it is … more

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How Are Our Problems Connected?

As my semester at Moravian College and my internship with Alliance come to an end, I’ve been ask to write a piece that weaves my semester’s work together. In the past few months, I’ve been able to write pieces that … more

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The Importance of Black Panther

It’s been about two months since the release of Marvel’s Black Panther and somehow, it’s still turning up a significant profit weekend after weekend. In fact, it just surpassed Titanic on the list of highest-grossing films of all time. This … more

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Black Lives for Gun Control

Plastered on the cover of the April 2nd issue of Time magazine are the prominent members of the #NeverAgain movement, with the bold enlarged caption, “Enough.” These students have been leading a revolution of sorts. After the tragic school shooting … more