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Joris Rosse: ‘The Great Green Revolution Number Three’

Only once in a lifetime can we hope for such perfect news! I am an 84 year old environmental activist. 21/2 years ago I suffered a moderately severe stroke that left me with some deficits. Yet, I persevere. . . … more

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One Way to Make Musikfest More Sustainable!

Musikfest provides a wide variety of music—and many of the concerts are free. It also generates thousands of vehicle trips. But, as this photo of the Pedalplatz on Banana Island indicates, you can help reduce the impact by bicycling to Musikfest! … more

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Too Big to Fail? (banks)

Too little and too late to succeed? (climate action) Too big to fail and also too big to succeed wholistically. In the seventies they used to talk about rising to one’s level of incompetence, when referring to career trajectories. Today … more

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Finding Our Way

Finding Our Way (to the sublime and other good  places) Hello! Hope you’re all well, and ready to plunge into a conversation that matters because our society, civilization and global ecology are in such deep trouble, I ask your help … more

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A Vision for Positive Futures

by Joris Rosse — Envision us woven into the intricately balanced Web of Life and feeling compelled to organize intensely and to act appropriately on what allows people and Nature to reach their highest attainable vitality. We envision a future … more

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