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Peter’s blog: ‘The nerve of those Russians!’

With all the trash-talking about Russia interfering in the 2016 election, it might be good to remember that most of it is probably just political propaganda—and to remember that the US is continually interfering in elections in other countries.

Also take a look at a recent Defense Intelligence Agency report, entitled “Russia: Military Power: Building a military to support great power aspirations”. Here’s an excerpt:

Moscow seeks to promote a multi-polar world predicated on the principles of respect for state sovereignty and non-interference in other states’ internal affairs, the primacy of the United Nations, and a careful balance of power preventing one state or group of states from dominating the international order. To support these great power ambitions, Moscow has sought to build a robust military able to project power, add credibility to Russian diplomacy, and ensure that Russian interests can no longer be summarily dismissed without consequence. … Russia also has a deep and abiding distrust of U.S. efforts to promote democracy around the world and what it perceives as a U.S. campaign to impose a single set of global values.

[found in William Blum’s Anti-Empire Report #152]

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