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Peter’s blog: “Standing Rock: attacks by ‘law enforcement’ are shameful”

Law enforcement officers swear an oath to uphold the law, which includes the Constitution, aka ‘the Supreme Law of the Land’. Why then are they so willing to break the law by attacking people exercising their Constitutional rights?

According to a report in Truthout, on Thursday, the so-called law enforcement officers attacked the water protectors at Standing Rock, who were defending our right to clean water and their own rights on the land granted them by treaty:

…Around 150 police from several states mobilized against the Water Protectors yesterday on Highway 1806 in South Dakota and forced a large number of people to evacuate from Standing Rock, using the threat of force. Police also rushed the crowd on 1806, brutalizing at least one person, and carried out multiple “snatch and grab” arrests….

Even journalists were attacked:

One of the independent journalists, Eric Poemz, was live streaming. A man next to him spoke to the police respectfully, saying they were honorable men trying to earn a salary for their families, but that because they wore masks and no nametags, they were less honorable than they should be. Working for the pipeline put them on the wrong side of history, he said, asking, “Why don’t you be really honorable and set down your badge?” Right at that moment the police charged the Water Protectors. Poemz turned and ran, and the next moment he was down screaming in pain. “I think you broke my hand,” he yelled. “I can’t walk. My hip. You broke my hip!” The police continued to manhandle him. “We gave you plenty of time to get out of here,” one of them said. “That’s what you get for disrespecting our state for six months,” said another.

Read the full article.

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