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One Way to Make Musikfest More Sustainable!

Musikfest provides a wide variety of music—and many of the concerts are free. It also generates thousands of vehicle trips. But, as this photo of the Pedalplatz on Banana Island indicates, you can help reduce the impact by bicycling to Musikfest! CAT provides free, secure bicycle parking on both sides of the river.

Bike parking at Musikfest League of American Bicyclists certified Cycling Instructor Frank Pavlick greets two more cyclists as they arrive at the Banana Island Pedalplatz.  Frank is the Shop Manager at the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative and Master Mechanic Instructor for Car-Free.org.

You can also help make Musikfest more sustainable by reducing waste—be sure to recycle all bottles and cups!

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3 Responses to One Way to Make Musikfest More Sustainable!

  1. Suzie says:

    It’s true. There are hosts of things about Musikfest and most other celebratory gatherings of folks. . . we use our cars, generally, to get there. We eat the things that give us pleasure, the things we associate with celebrating, we do so many things on a continuous basis that are not sustainable. We are seemingly locked into a matrix of behaviors getting us through our day that have many negative impacts on ourselves and our community.

    That said, I believe that one of the most important things that helps us towards living well on all levels is getting together and celebrating. How are we even going to begin to approach finding solutions to these problems that we all face unless we can find ways to celebrate life together? And I believe that music adds a magical dimension to those celebrations.

    I am so grateful that we have Musikfest here in our area bringing together people locally and regionally. That could be a wonderful platform through which to model behavior that is kinder to life generally. The picture above shows a fantastic example.

  2. pkc says:

    I agree—the celebration of music and art is very important, and this is one of the elements of Musikfest that is so positive. Many find the heavy corporate and advertising presence gets in the way of a feeling of community or celebration, but what concerns me here is what could be done to run Musikfest more responsibly. For example: less driving to Musikfest and in their internal operations, more efficient use of energy, eliminating the vast majority of waste. The current operation seems to ignore the global warming crisis. A new example of ‘fiddling while Rome burns’, perhaps?

  3. Ruth Heil says:

    My husband and I have stayed in a hotel room at the Hyatt for the past two years during Musikfest. While driving to the hotel, we joked about not needing a map since we live only 40 minutes from the festival, and we travel to Bethlehem regularly.

    There are many reasons why we decided to spend the money to stay one block from Liederplatz, however, I forgot the sustainability angle. Our decision saved about 3 gallons of gas that would have otherwise been consumed if we drove back-n-forth for three days. Three gallons (and the associated $12) doesn’t feel like much on the surface, but your post reminds me that every little bit counts.

    We also can’t forget the wonderful contribution to sustainability that the Musikfest mug has quietly made for so many years.

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