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FYI: News you won’t find in mainstream media

There’s a Toxic Weed Killer on the Menu in K-12 Schools Across the US  Glyphosate has been found in over 70 percent of oat-based breakfast cereals served in US schools.

Creative Communities Are Addressing Social Isolation  Social connections are not just nice to have—they can significantly affect our health and well-being. Inspired by creative approaches abroad, communities across the United States are taking steps to reduce social isolation and increase residents’ sense of belonging.

Administrative detention explained (video)

Rashida Tlaib, the expletive, and respectability politics   Rashida Tlaib made me want to be part of that national moment, when women of color, immigrant, refugees, who grew up poor claim their seat at a table that had too long been the prerogative of old white men from privileged backgrounds, men whose crimes and scandals—rape, assault, drunkenness, corruption—seem to slide off like rain on a slick coat of greasy slime.

Resistance Is the Supreme Act of Faith – ‘resistance, however futile… it may appear, can set in motion moral and spiritual forces that radiate outward to inspire others…’ 

USDA Capitulates to the Agrichemical Industry with Final GE Labeling Rule

And 3 on why ‘PAYGO’ is silly & destructive:


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  1. <a href="https://www.truthdig.com/articles/its-time-to-bring-back-the-corporate-death-penalty/ says:

    And one late arrival:

    It’s Time to Bring Back the Corporate Death Penalty – The process of revoking corporate charters goes back to the very first years of the United States. After all, the only reasons states allow corporations… is to serve the public interest.

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