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Peter: “COP-Out 18 [UPDATED]”

[See updates below]

T-shirt seen at climate conference, 'You have been talking all my life. You cannot tell me you need more time!'

Our so-called leaders from around the world seem to be incapable of taking the decisive action that is essential. (Maybe we should call it COP-OUT 18‽) Even the World Bank recently issued a report saying the consequences of world inaction on global warming will be ‘catastrophic’. I can see why the T-shirt pictured above is popular among participating youth!

There’s an important local connection to the COP [Conference of the Parties] process: Moravian College is one of the few colleges that has official Observer status at COP—quite a distinction!

Here are links to two Huffington Post articles quoting Marla Bianca, a student from Moravian who was at COP-18:

The Moravian College at the UNFCCC blog also featured two posts by Dr. Diane Husic, chair of the Moravian College Biology Department, who was also at COP-18:

UPDATE: There have been quite a few good reports on the current climate crisis and the underwhelming lack of action. I recommend the following:


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