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fyi: PA Forest Coalition: Conservation in Peril

From FOREST Coalition, 4/14/2012:

Keystone Trails Association and its member clubs have enjoyed a long-standing association with DCNR. Sadly, DCNR will have a troubled future because of underfunding and politicizing of the agency.

At a time when the state’s natural resources are facing unprecedented threats from shale gas development, budgets for state- and community-level conservation, and for state parks and the state forest all have been brutally slashed over the last 5 years.

John Quigley’s succinct presentation provides some of the financial details of the state of conservation funding in Pennsylvania. It shows clearly that conservation in the state where the conservation movement began is in peril.

Go to
and get the facts


  • Slide #4 – the DCNR budget
  • Slide #6 – General Fund dollars cut by 51%
  • Slide #8 – DCNR forced to use O&G Fund just to run the agency
  • Slide #12 – Effect on Growing Greener
  • Slide #14 – Effect on Keystone Fund
  • Slide #15 – Effect on State Park & State Forest projects
  • Slide #17 – ACT 13 effects
  • Slide #18 – Act 13 Hurdles to protecting public lands

An excellent summary of the current attacks on conservation.

Read it and forward it.

Everyone should be made aware of the threat.

Thank you,
R. Martin,   Coordinator,   www.PaForestCoalition.org

Mission: Good Stewardship of our Public Lands
Caring for what God has created

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