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Coming Soon—A Guide for Teaching About the Food System

Student interns are working with Peter Crownfield to complete a guide and resources for teaching about the food system in the classroom.  The guide is designed for K-12 teachers & students, and will include a guide to the history of our current food system, what a better & more sustainable food system would look like, and ideas for activities to engage students.  (It will also include a guide to help students evaluate food in their own school.)

The guide is designed to help integrate food system topics into existing curriculum goals & standards, and is expected to be complete later this fall.

The Alliance completed a related project last year, focusing on teaching Climate & Sustainability. You can see this online at www.teach-climate.net, or download a PDF version from the same site.

For more information, contact: teach-climate@sustainlv.org or teach-food@sustainlv.org.

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