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Advocating for Change in the Criminal Justice System

This semester, I have done extensive research into the criminal justice system and believe that how the US handles crime and punishment is fundamentally flawed.

I am calling for campuses to hold a criminal justice week that will make students more aware of these issues and will involve people of different fields in the conversation. This is too important to leave to legislators, politicians, and the people already in the system.

The attached document contains information detailing some of the deep seated issues I’ve found in my research, how campuses can educate students of various disciplines about these issues, and a list of useful resources for the implementation of a criminal justice week.

Advocating for Change [PDF]

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  1. pkc says:

    Do you teach at a local college or university? …or at a local K-!@ school?

    Are you a student?

    Make sure your school takes up the challenge to raise awareness about the justice system!
    (Or, as many who are aware & involved call it, the ‘injustice system’)

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