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What is the purpose of prisons?

I recently watched a film called Circles by Shanti Thakur that discussed an alternative form of sentencing, called Circle Sentencing, used with Aboriginal offenders. In this process, the focus is on healing the community, offender, and victims. This film made … more

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Death Penalty in Slow Motion

Most of the inmates at the facility that I am interested in are there for non-violent (specifically drug-related offenses). The process of re-entry for those in jail for shorter periods of time is much different from those who are imprisoned … more

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Peter’s blog: A Tale of Two Disasters — and U.S. Response

On 9-11-2001, terrorists (mostly Saudi) attacked the World Trade Center in New York, killing 2996 people. The US allowed Saudis to leave the US after the attack and has maintained good relations with Saudi Arabia — while pouring trillions of … more

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FYI: Fracking chemicals still showing up in PA freshwater mussels

Environmental Health News, 10 September 2018—Chemicals from fracking wastewater dumped into Pennsylvania’s Allegheny River before 2011 are still accumulating in the bodies of freshwater mussels downstream, according to a new study. The study, published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental … more

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My Personal Prison Project

I am on a quest to make a change in this world. Inequality, injustice, and inhumanity exist around us, and we need to open our eyes to it. Last year, I joined a club at my university called the Prison … more

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FYI: Weekend reading from AFSC

Just came across this interesting newsletter from the American Friends Service Committee [AFSC]. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition to stop Congress from expanding deadly immigrant detention (if you haven’t signed, you can still add your name here). … more

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Do you buy chocolate produced by slaves?

Those who buy chocolate (or coffee or tea or bananas or …) that does not follow international FairTrade standards are saving money by buying the products of exploitation. Demand that shops carry FairTrade and eliminate products based on exploiting others! … more

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Peter’s blog: ‘Slavery & Prisons today’

Thanks to the 13th Amendment, a person convicted of a crime can be forced to work as punishment. And thanks to widespread racism in society, law enforcement, the courts, and the prison system, Black people are vastly more likely to wind … more

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Peter’s blog: ‘What could we be learning from others?’

A recent article by Janice Lee (‘What Humanity Can Learn From Plants‘), raises this question. It’s well worth reading! Lee asks why we value ‘scientific’ knowledge over all other ways of knowing and points out some other limitations of our ways, … more

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Out of Left Field: On the unsustainable path in Latin America

The ravaging of the homelands and attacks on the Indigenous Peoples of Colombia and Honduras (and why people might leave their home countries to come here . . . ) About attacks on indigenous communities that are fighting against the encroachments of international interests and assassination of indigenous … more

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