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Out of Left Field: On the unsustainable path in Latin America

The ravaging of the homelands and attacks on the Indigenous Peoples of Colombia and Honduras (and why people might leave their home countries to come here . . . ) About attacks on indigenous communities that are fighting against the encroachments of international interests and assassination of indigenous … more

fyi: ‘Dharma Moon Shangha’

The Alliance team working on the 2018 Sustainable Lehigh Valley booklet failed to list Dharma Moon Shangha in the “Directory of Organizations That Promote Sustainable Communities” section. Dharma Moon Shangha is listed in the online Directory, but we think it important to call … more

Calls to Action: Urge Your Rep to Co-Sponsor the Berta Cáceres Act

From Witness for Peace, 3/2/2018: 2 Years Without Justice! Contact your Representative now and urge them to co-sponsor the Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act, H.R. 1299! Today marks two years since Berta Cáceres, the beloved Lenca Indigenous, feminist, … more

Calls To Action

Posts from organizations calling for action to either support specific sustainability projects and/or to fight against specific threats to sustainability.

BCWG: Progressive Publication Project

BCWG is working on the premier edition of Left Turn, a progressive publication for the Lehigh Valley. We see it as a tool for building a “united front” and for mobilizing communities. And for empowerment. There’s something empowering about holding … more

What Listings Provide

Organizations and businesses listed in the Directory are, in their work, supporting or promoting some aspects of community sustainability. Each listing provides, if available: Contact information: contact person, email website address phone number Description of the organization: up to 100 … more


12-5-17 Council Meeting: Proposed House Rental Ordinance Excerpts from a letter by Martin Romeril being circulated by Bethlehem Homeowners Association: I am trying to get a resident or two from each of the city’s eighteen residential neighborhoods to come speak … more


This website is for people, communities, and organizations trying to figure out: WHY the world is in the mess it’s in: global, holistic, historical perspectives WHAT we want – in all its holistic complexity – laid out in three sections: … more

TU: MAREA programs

MAREA  Monthly Meetings, the More the Merrier! Free and Open to the Public – Last Tuesday of the month. Held at TEK Park Meeting,  9999 Hamilton Boulevard, Breinigsville, PA 18031-9300 – Follow MAREA signs for parking. Parking rules are strictly enforced.  [Directions] Presentations, Q&A, and … more