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Intern Projects

Interns use research & analysis to rethink the way we do things and raise awareness towards a more sustainable future as they gain hands-on experience developing solutions.

Last summer, 5 students successfully completed a comprehensive sustainability impact assessment of the Da Vinci Science City proposed for Easton; interns this fall completed projects on Community & Restorative Justice Systems & Sustainability in Business.

This spring, interns will focus on publishing the 2019 edition of the Sustainable Lehigh Valley booklet, exploring and analyzing the education system, updating the Alliance & Let’s Talk About Climate! websites, and other projects that have not yet been finalized.

Summer 2019 – We plan 2 projects for the summer of 2019: Climate Action PlanningSustainability for Independent Cafés & Brewpubs

A third opportunity will explore fundamental issues essential to real sustainability if there is a student or two willing to take on a critically-important exploration of How Can We Remove Primary Barriers to Sustainability?

If you are interested in an internship or would like more information, contact internship coordinator Peter Crownfield as soon as possible!