EIEIO Updates

Enjoy Inventing Eco-Integrative Oases at Rob ‘n Lyn’s in Coopersburg PA.

“A Sustainable Community Garden Cooperative & Local Hub for Healthy Peaceful Living.” – Lyn

Transition from isolation and dependence on unsustainable resources to Resilient Community. – Lehigh Valley Transition Hub


On 6/16:

The second EIEIO day at Lyn & Rob’s ’twas way too short to do a detailed design process, but I think we all learned alot and enjoyed connecting with each other in the process.

A great discussion on the spiritual / world view of permaculture and community erupted.

Three groups came up with and drew three initial overall designs for the layout of the property.

At the end of the day the verdicts were that the water issues of the basement needed more info and expertise to know how to address it, before major plantings begin.

Possibilities for micro-hydro power could be looked into in redesigning the ponds input.

Moving the firebushes away from the road was identified by Rob as high priority, because it is a safety issue, when pulling out of the driveway.

Liability issues of having the community work at this property have not been researched yet.

Steve Hoog would like to do wild edible food walk at Rob and Lyn’s to further raise awareness of the going-ons there, and identify all the existing food sources.

Lyn will be at a silent reatreat the week following – Good Luck Lyn! So, we are on break with the process until her return. 🙂

On 6/27/12

Adrienne spoke with Larry Bernard at John Yurconic’s Insurance agency about Liability Issues surrounding EIEIO projects. He was very helpful. Also, she found example of combined registration-waiver form a local garden edu program is using (see info on that program and example waiver in EIEIO Connections).

On 6/28/12:

Lyn’s Back from retreat.

I stopped at Lyn’s before work.

Lyn and I re-immersed the pipe feeding the pond under water.

Lyn and Rob have a constant task keeping the pipe in place, and, with the heat, the pond has been getting shallower.

Then, after googling tree planting info and watching a YouTube, we planted the $10 pear tree Rob had picked up. It was looking worse for the wear from the heat wave.

Lyn reports she visits it daily and sees buds!

Lyn has planted some edible annuals that the deer and the groundhog keep uprooting, but not necesarily eating! So she keeps re-planting them.

Lyn and Rob “Went to Edge of the woods. Very nice but very hot. There is a workshop on Sept 8 there on meadows. Scheduled a consult for Rob and me with Gary Campbell tomorrow afternoon. He is knowledgeable on hydro issues, meadows, sustainability and lots more. So our learning continues. Things are falling into place. Blessings, Lyn”