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The Alliance

The Alliance itself is one of the collaborative organizational structures that can engage, empower, and enable people, communities, and movement organizations to take action, especially if it works synergistically with the other collaborative organizational structures.

The purpose of the Alliance for Sustainable Communities-Lehigh Valley, from its inception, has been to develop a broadly inclusive set of interrelated principles in which diverse people and organizations could find their place. Those principles have been stated succinctly in our Vision-Mission-Goals endorsement statement.

And our Bylaws puts decision-making into the hands of Alliance members, that is, individual and organizational endorsers of our Vision-Mission-Goals statement (Bylaws of 1/11/2005, Article III, Section 1). The Bylaws flat out says:

“Any member in good standing may attend any Alliance meeting and participate in decisions at the Annual Meeting or any of the regular meetings held for the purpose of making decisions on proposed Alliance actions. Members are responsible for attending and participating in these decision-making meetings . . .”

The “Alliance” part of our name was to be a clear indication of this intent, that we are to be an alliance of many organizations and individuals.

The primary question the Alliance is addressing at this juncture is how to make the Alliance into the unifying organization originally envisioned. How can we better engage, empower, and enable individuals and organizations as participants in the alliance function of the Alliance?

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