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The Sustainability Commons

connect – discuss – collaborate – share

The Sustainability Commons is a virtual workspace for individuals, organizations, and informal groups to connect, discuss, collaborate, and share on all sorts of sustainability-related topics and projects. As such it is one of the collaborative organizational structures that can engage, empower, and enable people, communities, and movement organizations to take action, especially if it works synergistically with the other collaborative organizational structures.

The tools available to its various communities (i.e, working groups, ad hoc affinity groups, participating organizations) include: Blogs, Wiki, Calendar, Files, and Emails.

It also provides the possibility of viewing and connecting across the full spectrum of sustainability efforts.

The Commons workspace is based on the KARL system developed for the international Open Society Institute and also used by the United Nations Environmental Program, Oxfam, and other organizations.

The Sustainability Commons is in its formative stages. We’re still assembling and developing its system of online communities. When fully implemented, they will deal with the multiple aspects of sustainable communities, including air quality, climate action, Committee of 100, community health, food, food-health connections, fracking, Transitions Lehigh Valley, and much more! Each community gets its own blog, wiki space, calendar, and files section!
[List of communities]

Joining the Sustainability Commons simply means you can participate in this free workspace. You can see what the various communities are doing (“private” communities can only be viewed by their members). You can also become a member of one or more existing communities—or start one.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Sustainability Commons, just send an email to Commons Admin.

Once you’re signed up, just LOG IN and looks things over. If you’d like to participate in one or more communities, just click the Join button for that community.

If you don’t want to participate in the whole Sustainability Commons, but only in a particular community, just contact us by email and let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll send you invitations to become a member of the kinds of communities relevant to your interests.