LEPOCO needs to replace Robert Daniels II, who had been a mainstay there since 2008, as soon as possible. Candidates need to be committed to nonviolence, enthusiastic about promoting LEPOCO’s peace and justice efforts, able to coordinate with and aid the various committees and working groups (CASK, NAS/Stop the Wars, ASG, Peace Camp, etc), participate in the Steering Committee, assist in office activities (newsletter, flyers, website, financial records, etc), interface with other peace and justice groups, and represent LEPOCO at various peace and justice events.

It is desirable for the person to have knowledge of peace and justice issues, experience / training with group leadership, capable of working with people from diverse backgrounds, speaking / writing abilities. This coordinator position will provide “room to grow.”

Flexible working hours usually requiring about 30 to 35 hours per week. Includes some benefits and hourly wage.

If interested, please send a letter of interest and a resume to or to LEPOCO Peace Center, 313 W 4th St, Bethlehem PA 18015. If you have questions please call the Peace Center at 610-691-8730. Deadline for expressing interest in the job: mid- to late-November.

From: Tianna Dupont, Nov 3, 2014:

The Seed Farm has Fellowship Opportunities for Organic Vegetable Production and Business Training

The Seed Farm is proud to announce two full time fellowship opportunities for hands on training in organic vegetable production. Graduates will have access to land and equipment to start their own farms and have the production planning and equipment training to qualify for farm management positions in the community. program will give you key experience in management, tractor/ equipment use, business planning, and marketing. The program includes more than 500 hours of on-farm training and 100 hours of classroom training, farm visits, workshops and one-on-one mentorship.

Graduates tout the benefits of the program.

Graduate Sarah Edmonds manages La Farm, The Lafayette College Community Garden & Working Farm.

Edmonds says, “Daily I use knowledge about small farm tools, sustainable growing practices, and management systems that I learned while farming at the Seed Farm. If you are only working on another farm (even for a great farmer), you don’t get to learn all the intricacies of whole farm planning. A lot happens in January before you get to the farm. There is so much preparation that has to be done before a seed gets put in the ground: creating soil management plans, planning planting timing, preparing seed orders. If I did not have the production planning experience I gained at the Seed Farm my farm today would not be a success.”

Graduate Emma Cunnif currently runs Knee High Farm in Emmaus PA as part of the Seed Farm business incubator.

“Before the 2013 season began, I completed an assessment of my competence in areas related to small-scale vegetable production. I was surprised at how little I knew, despite four years of previous farming experience. Having completed the season, I feel immense gratitude, as well as pride, at all I have experienced and retained. I am now proficient in tractor operation, irrigation management, production management, greenhouse propagation, market management, and financial planning. By working in an environment where education and hands-on experience are the priority, I have gathered countless insights and skills that will continue to influence my farm practice.”

Graduate Tyler runs Easy Pace Garden in Emmaus PA as part of the Seed Farm Business Incubator.

“When we started the program immediately we were thrown into the spreadsheet work of making a crop plan, and I was pleased to see that I was immediately getting to learn the skills I needed. . . . My mentors have furnished me with ample knowledge, inspiration, and encouragement. It was invaluable to get to visit so many farms and ask . . about their production practices. I am proud to have produced this farm plan which is entirely my own!”

Farm owners say they need managers with equipment, farm planning and business as well as production experience.

This training opportunity is the next level for those who have been working on farms. If you want to move up the agricultural career ladder you will need the equipment and management level experience this training offers.

“It is well worth paying someone more to be able to hire someone with management experience,” Gayle Ganser, Eagle Point Farm.

“I am looking for a farm manager who is able to put together and stick to a budget, forecast yield and revenue, set up and run tractors and equipment such as plastic layers and transplanters. Take the time to become proficient in all these skills before you expect to be a farm manager,” says John Place, operator Profeta farms.

Visit the program website or contact Education Director Rebecca Munro 610-391-9583 ext 16 for details.