Summer 2018

Sustainability assessments for proposed development projects

We will explore the need for sustainability impact assessments — climate, environmental, health, & community impacts — as part of the planning process and do an assessment for a specific major project.

This type of assessment is not only critical for the community, it can also help make a project stronger and more resilient. While some major projects have been required to submit environmental impact reports, very few proposals deal with impacts on climate, health, or community in any meaningful way.  If done at all, these are nearly always considered separately, despite the many obvious overlaps & interdependencies.

We will look at what other communities have done and draft guidelines for what should be required and will do a sustainability impact assessment for a specific project — including a pro-forma GHG inventory.  We plan to present the results to people involved in the planning process, to staff of the proposed project, and other interested parties.

This project will involve 4–8 students in summer 2018.

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