Climate Action Plan

[summer project]

Considering the urgent IPCC report early last fall, the updated National Climate Assessment, and the positive (but less-than-optimal) results from COP24, effective climate-action planning is clearly more urgent than ever.

In this project, a small team of interns will help develop a climate action plan with a city or county in the Lehigh Valley. (This may involve assisting with work that municipalities have already started.) In addition to purely technical concerns, we will also consider, health, environment, & community, including environmental justice & cultural sustainability.

Interns will develop a menu of options that can be used to implement an effective climate action plan. They will work on a combination of the following tasks and will gain a strong understanding of ways to reduce GHG, develop plans for mitigation & adaptation, and strengthen their project development and project management skills:

  • Research climate action plans by communities and institutions, including colleges & universities.
  • Identify actions the community can take to implement a plan, including setting GHG-reduction targets, amending or adopting ordinances & regulations to encourage or require climate-friendly action
  • Explore ways to increase community awareness of the urgent need for climate action
  • Develop a presentation for community & campus audiences to share your insights and raise awareness of the need for action
  • Write articles and/or blog posts on various aspects of global warming & climate change.

If you are interested in this project, please contact me ASAP!

—Peter Crownfield, internship coordinator