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Previous Interns' Experiences

Read thoughts of previous Alliance interns from different schools and different backgrounds.

“Working with the Alliance allowed me to collaborate with individuals who shared my passion for sustainability issues, as well as voice my own ideas. As a communications intern, I was able to directly raise awareness about sustainability doings on my own campus. Being able to work on something I really care about was a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for sustainability.” —LB, Muhlenberg College, 2013

“The Campus Sustainability internship was an experience I’ll never forget. I was given the tools and power to make a difference on my campus. I have established dependable relationships with administration and faculty, which allowed me to attain the skill of working with executives in a professional manner. Above all, I was able to convey an important sustainability message to an institution that is business oriented.” —NB, Moravian College 2012

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the Alliance.  It has enabled me to work on projects I’m passionate about, and I also enjoyed networking and meeting people from the Alliance and other environmentally-minded Lehigh Valley students.” —JB, Lafayette College, 2011

“I really enjoyed my time interning for the Alliance this past year.  The ability to work on projects that could have an immediate impact in the surrounding community made me feel like I was doing something worthwhile with my time. Working with local officials and community members has really increased my verbal and written communication skills. I would definitely recommend interning with the Alliance if you want to help the community around you become a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place to live in.”—SL, Lehigh University, 2011

“The Alliance internship [helped me develop] confidence in making a concrete difference in my local community. The program helps the interns to develop their communication skills and vision for independent projects. I learned valuable organizing skills that I use as I now organize larger sustainability initiatives in my current community.”—EJ, Moravian College, 2007

“Working as an intern for the Alliance was an excellent experience. I had a helpful and knowledgeable mentor, as well as a great deal of responsibility, accountability, and ownership over the project I managed. The internship with the Alliance taught me project management and organizational skills, independence, and accountability. It was also… great preparation for my career now as a field organizer for a non-profit public interest advocacy group.”
—JL, Muhlenberg College, 2008

“I gained real experience facing the challenges—financial, bureaucratic, or social—in implementing a climate action plan. Now, I am prepared to anticipate these challenges in the future, whether working for a university, government, or business.”
—CB, Lehigh University, 2009

“The most important thing I did during my internship was to meet people and find out how many factors go into changing the way something is done on campus… I met with other people on campus that were working for common goals and got to share ideas with them. The biggest accomplishment I had was planning successful Focus the Nation events, which were at the beginning of the semester after my internship.

I learned how to find out about things that tend to be hidden, talk to people about things they would rather pretend do not exist, and solve problems that seem overwhelming at first glance. I’d recommend this internship for anyone who accepts that small setbacks are necessary steps in accomplishing great tasks.”
—JT, Lafayette College 2007

“This was an absolutely wonderful and invaluable experience for me…. I am now finishing my first year as a law student and will be working as a legal intern at the Connecticut Fund for the Environment in New Haven this summer. I am certain that my experience working with the Alliance was a major reason I was offered this job… [and] more fully prepared me to build a career working in the public sector of environmental law.”
—GP, Moravian College, 2009

“What I found to be most rewarding about interning for the Alliance for Sustainable Communities, was not only the fact that I was able to gain more design experience and add to my portfolio, but I also had the satisfaction of working for a cause; every project I worked on was geared towards raising awareness about living a sustainable lifestyle and ultimately taking care of our planet and ourselves. Although I had entered this internship with little knowledge of today’s environmental issues, I am now grateful that each project has allowed me to better understand this subject matter, and has pushed me to promote methods of sustainability.”—JB, Moravian College 2008

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