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Let's Talk About Climate… Food… Sustainability

Too many elementary and secondary students do not understand critical issues related to sustainability, including both science & social justice, and these concerns are ignored by many or most schools. For example:

  • Global warming continues to accelerate and has already caused a number of serious changes to the climate, weather, and environment [see Let’s Talk About Climate!]
  • Food from the industrialized food system harms our health, poisons the environment, and accelerates global warming [see Let’s Talk About Food!]
  • The law-enforcement and justice  system tends to focus on ‘law & order’, punishment, and incarceration — but the system has serious problems that are rarely considered.

Throughout the project our focus is on student-centered, inquiry-based learning, which means interns will also learn more about these educational approaches.

This internship involves a combination of research and writing, some of which can be done off-site once someone is familiar with the project and its goals. (We use our online Sustainability Commons for collaboration and sharing content, coupled with frequent email communication on work in progress and regular meetings to meet with teachers or people in the community, review progress, and brainstorm ideas.)

Interns will help prepare materials to encourage and assist teachers to bring these topics into the classroom, including some or all of the following:

  • Prepare or update a guide for teachers giving background from a sustainability perspective in each area
  • Identify reliable resources (and/or help create new resources) in each area that teachers can use to integrate these topics in their classes;
  • Assist with development of tools for hands-on projects in each area that are appropriate for students;
  • Identify or develop ways for teachers at all ages to encourage observation, analysis, and solving problems, including ways designed for younger children;

Work may focus on one or more of these topics and may also improve and spread the word about the previous phases of this project.

This internship is available on an ongoing basis, although the specific topic area will change. For more information, email internship coordinator Peter Crownfield.

Updated March 2018