Communicating sustainability concepts to the community at large is a challenge, especially considering the flood of misinformation in the mainstream media. Effective communication can be quite challenging, because we often need to make scientific concepts, technical data, and moral & ethical & moral issues clear and engaging to the public.

While it is difficult to spell out specific activities & topics months in advance, it is safe to say that interns will likely work on print, and online, and in-person communications, including reports, posters, presentations, web pages, and/or news releases — and this may at times include controversial issues.

Examples of likely focus areas for 2018–2019: Exploring sustainability in K–12 schools, community planning for sustainability & resilience, and local social-justice issues. Specific activities depend in part on what is happening in the community during the internship.

Note: This internship is usually also available with a graphic design focus for qualified students.

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Updated March 2018