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Other Ongoing Efforts

This section highlights actions in the Lehigh Valley.

Campus Sustainability Initiative – a coordinated and ongoing effort to bring comprehensive sustainability consciousness and action to the campus of Lehigh Valley colleges & universities, with a focus on campus sustainability interns working to connect the dots on their own campuses. [Also see Focus On… pages for campus sustainability.]

Clean Air Working Group – working to reduce Diesel pollution and other fine particle [PM2.5] pollution in the Lehigh Valley.

Sustainability & Health Initiative – This initiative coordinates efforts to raise awareness of the ways in which health & sustainability are interdependent, advocating legislation that protects health and promotes sustainability, and specific efforts such as the Clean Air Working Group mentioned above. Like the Campus Sustainability Initiative, this frequently involves student internships and independent study on health-related projects. [Also see Focus On… pages for sustainability & health.]

Sustainable Campus Dining – The intersection of campus sustainability, food service, and health (also applicable to other institutional & restaurant settings). [Also see Focus On… pages for sustainable campus dining & food for health and the report on Healthy Food for Healthy Communities.]