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The Alliance can help you find speakers on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from corporate personhood to macrobiotic cooking, from the USA PATRIOT Act to the dangers of irradiated food, from the threat of global climate change to intentional communities — or maybe there’s a subject on which you are the expert!

Here are some of the many possible topics:

  • The Big Picture – global climate instability and change
  • Corporations – corporate personhood, corporate subsidies and externalized costs, corporate-dominated politics, lack of involvement
  • Democracy In Action – Democratic community decision-making; civil liberties, the Bill of Rights, and the USA PATRIOT Act; Will your vote count? (problems with accuracy of electronic voting machines)
  • Local Economies & Self-Sufficiency – production for people’s needs; stakeholder rights; financing the transition to a local economy
  • Media & Democracy – media consolidation and deregulation; role of the media in maintaining accountability; community-based media & public access; education and workshops
  • School Food – providing better food for our children; improving curriculum so children and parents are more aware of the importance of food-nutrition-health connections; starting a school garden
  • Civil liberties & the USA PATRIOT Act – civil liberties as an essential part of a democratic society

For more information about Alliance speakers prepared to speak on specific topics or to let us know how you can contribute, contact us at info@sustainLV.org or 610 838-7666.