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Planning Meetings

General Meetings:

Held bi-monthly, General Meetings begin with a presentation on a particular matter of general interest and then are open for discussion, planning, and Alliance decision-making re: actions, endorsements, strategies, projects, etc.

For 2013-2014, the General Meetings are scheduled for: September 25, November 20, January 22, March 26, May 28, usually on 4th Wednesdays (exception: Nov 20, when it will be held on the 3rd Wed).

Steering Committee Meetings:

In alternate months, we hold Alliance Steering Committee meetings to:

  • plan the work of the Alliance;
  • support and coordinate the activities of its various working groups and programs; and
  • develop approaches for engaging endorsers and other individuals, communities, organizations of all kinds, governmental bodies, and businesses in building community sustainability.

All meetings are open to the public.

For 2013-2014, the Alliance Steering Committee meetings are scheduled for: October 23, December 18, February 26, April 23, June 25, usually on 4th Wednesdays (exception: Dec 18, when it will be held on the 3rd Wed). Except for the December meeting, they are held in the Air Products Room in the HUB, Moravian College.

Annual Meetings:

Usually held in June, these meetings provide the annual opportunity for evaluation of the work of the Alliance.