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The Alliance is committed to serve all those who are working for more sustainable communities.

How can we better represent your interests?

Each month, the steering committee has a special meeting devoted to exploring your ideas and questions and ways that we can help you achieve your goals. At these meetings you can:

  • Learn what the Alliance has been doing and tell us what you think;
  • Tell us how the Alliance can better serve you or your organization;
  • Brainstorm with us about directions to take & projects to work on;
  • Brainstorm ways to make the Alliance more effective as a unifying force.

Community Dialogues

Another important way of reaching out to the community is the Alliance’s series of community dialogues, special public meetings at which representatives from community groups discuss issues of interest. Some recent community dialogues have included conversations and presentations on:

  • Intentional Communities – with representatives from the School Of Living;
  • Perspectives on food and nutrition – with Len Frenkel from Lehigh Valley Vegetarians, dietician Anita Hirsch on fundamentals of nutrition, Jerry Brunetti from the Weston A. Price Foundation on traditional diets, and Steve Hoog on macrobiotic diet and cooking
  • Local Strategies for Coping with Global Climate Change – with Joris Rosse of the Alliance, Barbara Benson of the Sierra Club, George Hoguet for PennFuture‘s Cool PA campaign, Phyllis Laufer from the Coalition for Appropriate Transportation, and Brad Bleiler from Blue Mountain Solar & Wind.
  • Transportation – with Steve Schmitt of the Coalition for Appropriate Transportation (CAT) & LANTA, Mike Wuerstle of the Allentown Hiking Club, David Quinn of Lehigh Valley Cycleworks. Part II featured David Rosenstrauss of Fossil-Free Fuels, Al Wurth of Lehigh University, and JoAnn Jones presenting a paper on Honolulu’s comprehensive bike/bus transportation system (authored by Tom Egan of Moravian College).

For more information about coming community dialogues see the Community Dialogues page.