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“Of Current Interest” Scheduling Template

Proposed Default Schedule
“Of Current Interest” Scheduling Template
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April – Environmental Integrity
Global climate crisis, water, air quality, conservation and restoration, permaculture, wildlife, ecosystems, environmental education, pollution, pesticides, toxins, extreme weather

May – Community/People/Education
Community building, intentional communities, youth engagement, alternative education, higher education, personal responsibility, families, neighborhoods, traditions, spirituality

June – Energy/Technology
Sustainable energy systems, waste management, recycling, municipal utility districts, re-use, reduction of consumption, pollution, peak oil, resource extraction, alternative energy

July – Local Economies
Support local business and agriculture, farmers markets, local production, production for need, secure and meaningful livelihoods, re-skilling, worker co-operatives, jobs

August – Political & Legal Actions
Institutionalizing sustainability, participatory governance, electoral matters, courts, activism, community rights, movements, law, constitutional matters, we the people, third parties

September – Transportation/Settlement Patterns
Community design, alternative automobiles, alternative low impact vehicles, bicycle use & routes, public transportation, trucking, light rail, bus systems, pattern language, zoning

October – Food/Nutrition/Health
Sustainable food production, school-food connections, farmers’ markets, holistic health, buy fresh buy local, organic agriculture, GMOs, CSAs, food philosophies, healthy foods

November – Media/Art/Communications/Belief Systems
Radio, TV, social media, cultural regeneration, manufacturing consent, spirituality, local independent media, re-thinking, film fest, theater, music, voices of the valley

December – International Concerns
Think globally – act locally, peace & non-violence, globalization of economies, outsourcing, militarism, fair trade, IMF, World Bank, displacement of people, sovereignty, climate treaties

January – Social Rights/Justice
Civil liberties, social rights, underserved populations, minorities, economic inequality, environmental justice, consciousness objection, civil disobedience, freedom of association

February – Housing/Non-Residential Structures
Affordable, healthy homes; multiple dwellings; green building; feng shui; building re-use; community revitalization; historic preservation; commercial, industrial, institutional buildings

March – Land Use
Agricultural land; farmland preservation; zoning; urban & rural settings; sprawl; open space; siting of manufacturing, commercial & industrial activities; use of waterways