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Sustainability Doings: April 8, 2015 – “Dissidents, we?”

Maybe we are. Don’t we actively challenge established doctrines, policies, and institutions? Some of us might like to call ourselves the more positive-sounding “civil society advocates” — which seems to be a label popping up at the Summit of the Americas … more

Opportunity for Engagement: Byler Farm for sale.

Janet and Urbane Byler are retiring and have put their farm up for sale. Here’s information from them about the farm. For more information, email Janet and Urbane: We have been operating an October Pumpkin Festival for 28 years that … more

Synthetic Turf update

Because synthetic turf has been identified as a serious health concern that’s present at almost every school, college, and university in the Lehigh Valley, we’ve added some additional material. If you have questions or want more information, email us at turf@sustainlv.org. Synthetic … more

Maintenance of Synthetic Turf Fields

Proper maintenance is essential for playability and also prolongs the usable life of the field. Regular brushing is essential for a good playing surface. Without proper maintenance, the ball can roll unevenly, gain or lose speed, or bounce unpredictably. Infill … more

Synthetic Turf Overview

In the last couple of years, considerable evidence has emerged that indicates that synthetic turf is a serious health concern. In 2013, the EPA even took the unusual step of withdrawing their assurances and called for new studies; Environment & … more

Health & Safety Guidelines for Synthetic Turf

Enough information is now available to provide some guidelines so those who must use synthetic turf fields can reduce the risks. While these guidelines are written in terms of individual action, it is essential for institutions to provide training to … more

Synthetic Turf Health Concerns

Synthetic turf may have advantages in some situations, but it also is linked to several very serious health concerns. Because most of the high schools, colleges, and universities in the Lehigh Valley have synthetic turf fields and at least two … more

Turf Burns – First Aid & Treatment

One of the many health concerns connected with synthetic turf is its tendency to cause serious turf burns. Prevention & prompt treatment of these burns can prevent dangerous infections and scarring. Here’s some information we found online: GoHockey – Treatment for … more

Open Letter to Anyone Considering Synthetic Turf

[Updated March 18] The following open letter is prompted by several stories in the Express-Times and Morning Call reporting that almost all of our high schools already have synthetic turf fields (as do most colleges and universities in the Lehigh Valley)—and the few … more

2 More Oil Train Derailments

Two trains carrying crude oil derailed and caught fire this week: one in rural Ontario on the 14th, and one in Fayette County WV on Monday the 16th. The Ontario fires were still burning on Monday. Each tank car carries … more