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Submit a listing

Welcome…The Alliance welcomes new additions to our directory, which is available both in print edition, Sustainable Lehigh Valley, as well as online on this website.

Non-profit organizations in the greater Lehigh Valley area are welcome to submit directory listings if they actively promote sustainable practices. (Many excellent & valuable organizations fill an important role of helping people deal with unsustainable practices, but may not be working towards sustainability.)

If you would like your organization, business, or professional service listed in the directory (online directory at present; deadline for the print edition is February 15), please follow the appropriate steps for you – the process for non-profit organizations differs from that for for-profit businesses.

Note that the Alliance reserves the right to review all submissions and to edit listings before publishing. You will receive a confirmation email when your listing is officially published!

To get started, you must first be a registered user of this website and you must be logged in. Please Login or Register. Then you need to contact the website team to upgrade your status to contributor—we had to add this step because we were receiving all kinds of bogus listings.

After you have logged in/registered, a link will appear below which allows you to proceed directly to the “Add New Directory Entry” page.

Step 2 for Non-profit organizations – You will be asked to endorse the Alliance’s mission, vision, and goals and to consider making a $25.00 contribution, if at all possible, to help offset the cost of producing the  directory. These are not required.

Step 2 for For-Profit Businesses & Professional Practitioners – 3 actions are required:

  1. Endorse the mission, vision, and goals of the Alliance for Sustainable Communities as an indication of support for sustainability.
  2. Help cover the cost of preparing and publishing the Directory, by making a $25.00 donation or pledging to contribute volunteer time.
  3. Submit your Directory listing information.

Note: To submit site content, you must be registered with this website.

Additional Information: