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Essays from Sustainable Lehigh Valley 2014

  • Climate Action, Structure, Power, by Martin Boksenbaum
  • Creating a Local Climate for Community Conversation and Action, 
by Diane Husic
  • The Legal Alien, 
by Ida Halleröd
  • Sharing My Grandfather’s Tale, 
by Dick Lane
  • Empowerment and Engagement for Sustainability and Climate Action, 
by Joyce Marin
  • Economy and Environment — Must We Choose?, by Lindsay Meiman
  • Stewarding our Environmental ‘Commons’ via the ‘Sustainability Commons’, by Tom Moroz
  • From the Body, Through the Mind, and Back to the Body, by Ken Burak
  • Personal Takes on the Challenges of Climate Change,
    by Dork Sahagian, Mary Armstrong, Katelyn Armbruster, 
and David Casagrande

(Essays express the views of the individual writers and do not necessarily represent the views of the Alliance)