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Social Research | Social Justice 2012 – Student Presentations

April 13, 2012, Moyer Hall
(Muhlenberg College)

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9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast Mendham Gallery

9:30 – 10:40 a.m. RESEARCH SESSION I

PANEL ONE: Framing Discourses of Popular Media: Gender and Sexuality
[Moderator: Kate Richmond, Muhlenberg College]

  • Melissa Pieller, Muhlenberg College, “Youth Media Education: Steps Towards Building Critical and Active Adolescents to Combat Messages of Sexuality in Music and Music Videos.”
  • Matthew Herbertz, DeSales University, “The Struggle to Grow Up: Male Representations in Hollywood Comedy.”
  • Kaitie Burger, Muhlenberg College, “‘America’s Favorite Lesbian: The Impact of Ellen DeGeneres on Prime Time Television.”
  • Tess Forestieri, Muhlenberg College, “The Marginalization of Women in Teen Mom 2.”

PANEL TWO: When Our Environment and Our Bodies are Impacted by Industrial and Government (In)Actions
[Moderator: Susan Averett, Lafayette College]

  • Clarissa Brown, Lafayette College, “Factors that Contribute to a Child’s BMI: The Role of the National School Lunch Program. “
  • Mackenzie Raub, Muhlenberg College, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Natural Gas Company: A Case Study of the American Oil Industry’s Advertising Campaign in the Marcellus Shale Region.”
  • Margaret DeOliveira, Moravian College, “Inequality Studies in Health Care Access: A Look at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.”
  • Melanie Cybriwsky, Lafayette College, “The Effects Industrial Agriculture Has on Our Daily Lives.”

PANEL THREE: Discursive Approaches to Law and War
[Moderator: Sharon Albert, Muhlenberg College]

  • Jenn Dum, Kutztown University, “The War on Drugs: A Case of Social Injustice.”
  • Naiomi Gonzalez, Moravian College, “The Impracticality of Just War Theory.”
  • Michael Hamory, Muhlenberg College, “Religious Participation and Rehabilitation/Radicalization within United States Prisons.”
  • Anna Appleton, Kutztown University, “Multiple Intelligences and Its Implications: The Legal System, Prisoner Treatment and Rehabilitation.”

10:50 – 12:00 p.m. RESEARCH SESSION II

PANEL FOUR: Gendered Victimization: Sex Trafficking and Perspectives on Domestic Violence

[Moderator: Robert Spicer, DeSales University]

  • Amanda Gilmore, DeSales University, “Global Sex Commodities: A Product of Globalization.”
  • Emily Pyle, Lafayette College, “Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System: A Comprehensive and Exhaustive Evaluation.”
  • Jennifer Alecci, Muhlenberg College, “Violence, Intimacy and Gender Stereotypes on Reality Televison.”

PANEL FIVE: Historical and Contemporary Forms of Mobilization: Feet on the Ground, Eyes on the Media
[Moderator: Debra Wetcher-Hendricks, Moravian College]

  • Suzanne Moyer, Moravian College, “Media Mobilization”
  • Sarah Naramore, Lafayette College, “Religion, Collaboration, and Resistance: The Role of Religious Organizations and Individuals in Resisting Anti-Semitism and the ‘Final Solution’ in France, 1940-1944.”
  • Beth Rader and Shelby Smith, Muhlenberg College, “Motivation or Malaise: Media’s Effects on Muhlenberg College Students.”
  • Jennifer Melis, Muhlenberg College, “The Limits and Possibilities of Democratic Politics: Lessons from the Egyptian Uprising.”

PANEL SIX: Us vs. Them: Theories of Discrimination vs. Practices of Cooperation
[Moderator: Jennifer Schlegel, Kutztown University]

  • Chelsea Williams, Kutztown University, “Hate as an Evolutionary Trap: The Cultural Manipulation of Biology.”
  • Samantha Golden and Dominic J. Packer, Lehigh University, “Reducing Discriminatory In-Group Biases with Cooperation-Enhancing Mechanisms.”
  • Robyn Henderek, Lafayette College, “One Brotherhood at a Time.”

PANEL SEVEN: The Praxis of Social Justice: Four Local Perspectives
[Moderator: Kim Gallon, Muhlenberg College]

  • Alexander Brotman and Christina Cellante, Muhlenberg College, “Social Justice: Defining a Perspective on Muhlenberg College.”
  • Elena Gambino, Lehigh University, “Paradigm Shift: Performance and the Politics of Development.”
  • Joshua Rodriguez and Joseph Kowalsky, Muhlenberg College, “Non-Profit Marketing Class Partners with The Literacy Center.”
  • Lauren Epstein, Muhlenberg College, “Oral Histories from the Allentown Farmer’s Market.”

12:00 – 12:30 p.m. BUFFET LUNCH Miller Forum

12:30 – 1:40 p.m. RESEARCH SESSION III

PANEL EIGHT: Media Representations of Race and Religion

[Moderator: Roberta Meek, Temple University & Muhlenberg College]

  • Joshua Bohn, Muhlenberg College, “Islam in Academic Discourse Post-9/11”
  • Andalisa Lopez, Muhlenberg College, “Do Media Representations of Africans Influence Sterotypes of African Americans?”

PANEL NINE: Intersections of Inequality: Income, Education, and Race
[Moderator: Stefanie Sinno, Muhlenberg College]

  • Allison Hourani and John Zeitoun, Muhlenberg College, “Engaging Communities to Promote Successful Student Experiences.”
  • Jarred Schlottman, Kutztown University, “America’s Uprising Against Economic Inequality: The Racialization of Poverty and Education.”
  • Joshua Silverman, Amanda Butto, and Alexandra Rosenberg, Muhlenberg College, “Are All Schools Equal in the Minds of Children?”
  • Hank Miller, DeSales University, “The Widening Income Inequality Gap in the United States.”
  • Victoria Herrmann, Lehigh University, “Uranium Mining and Aborigine Communities in Australia”

PANEL TEN: Feminism Through Aesthetics, Philosophy, and Theology
[Moderator: Marcia Morgan, Muhlenberg College]

  • Karen Duld, Moravian College, “Daughters of Abraham: Jewish Feminist Theology and the Journey Toward a Gender Balanced Faith.”
  • Matthew Dicken, Muhlenberg College, “Arendtian Action in Art: Young Jean Lee’s Theatrical Imagining of a Feminist Utopia.”
  • Cynthia DaPra, Moravian College, “Women in the Church.”

PANEL ELEVEN: Controversial Migrations and Movements: Politics, Economics, and Ideologies
[Moderator: Tahereh Alavi Hojjat, DeSales University]

  • Christina Colon, DeSales University, “Economic and Social Impact of Illegal Immigration in America.”
  • Gabriel Hurtado, Andrew Schlesinger, and Robert Shannon, Muhlenberg College, “An Examination of the Impact of Baseball on Dominican Social Progress.”
  • Daniel Hewitt, Muhlenberg College, “Refugees of the Horn.”
  • Thomas J. Brinkerhoff, Lafayette College, “A Jacksonian Wrong: How America’s Underlying Racism Infuenced the Trail of Tears.”

1:50 – 3:00 p.m. RESEARCH SESSION IV

PANEL TWELVE: The Social Melodrama: Representations of Race and Gender in Film

[Moderator: Paul McEwan, Muhlenberg College]

  • Ethan Parkinson, Muhlenberg College, “Navigating Morality with Violence and Religion in Man on Fire.”
  • Sara Schenkel, Muhlenberg College, “Race Issues within the Social Melodrama 8 Mile.”
  • Wendy Hirshman, Muhlenberg College, “Gender, Race, and Otherness in the Melodrama Inglourious Basterds.”

PANEL THIRTEEN: Mediating Identities through Facebook, Friends, and Fashion
[Moderator: Elizabeth Ortiz, Cedar Crest College]

  • Rena Wallace, Cedar Crest College, “The Portrayal of Femininity in Facebook Profile Photos.”
  • Lauren Hawk, DeSales University, “The Successful Sitcom Formula: Friends and How I Met Your Mother.”
  • Jenna Minetola, DeSales University, “Fashion as Communication in Everyday Life.”

PANEL FOURTEEN: What Does Social Justice Mean to You?
[Moderator: Robin Riley Casey, Muhlenberg College]

  • Meghan Butler, Muhlenberg College
  • Luis Garcia, Muhlenberg College
  • Sarah Chabolla, Muhlenberg College
  • Christina Cellante, Muhlenberg College
  • Barry Cleckley, Muhlenberg College
  • Hannah Oros, Muhlenberg College

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