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What Part Is Labor Playing in the Transition?

Working class. Ahhh. To someone steeped in the leftist lingo freely expressed in the New York City of the 1960s, with its peace, civil rights, labor, and leftist activism, it’s refreshing to hear such culturally repressed language out in the … more

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Holistic Management on Climate Change

Allan Savory’s work, based on his holistic land management approach, provides another line of thinking on climate change, addressing causes and proposing cures: 1) ”Following up with Allan Savory on using cattle to reverse desertification and global warming“ – by Jonathan Teller-Elsberg, is an … more

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Lester Brown’s Plan B

The Wikipedia article on Lester R. Brown provides a lot of useful information on his life and the development of his ideas. Of note is his background in agriculture, food matters, and population, as well as his successes in entrepreneurial … more

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Global Transition Movement

by Joris Rosse — In the absence of common sense and ability to act appropriately in high places, “Think Globally and Act Locally”. Enter Transition towns, cities, valleys, forest regions, and yes whole countries. The following is a very brief summary of … more

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A Personal Perspective

Emmie Smith, 8/12/2010: “Totnes — a Transition Town” This one-page article about Totnes, a transition town in the UK, was for Emmie’s presentation to the 8/17/2010 Alliance organizational meeting. This summer I was fortunate enough to travel through the southwestern areas … more

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Alliance Resolution in Support of the Transition Movement

The Steering Committee of the Alliance for Sustainable Communities-Lehigh Valley supports further consideration of the Transition Town approach for moving communities from oil dependency to local resilience. Specifically, we: Commend the Transition Movement’s recognition of the urgent need to address … more

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by Emily McGlynn — Don’t get me wrong. I love the internet. I send e-mails to my political representatives just like the next 21st-century concerned citizen. However, I can’t help but feel that the internet is covertly turning the U.S. … more

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What’s That, You Want to Save the World?

But what is a person to do? Getting yourself together, of trying to live green to the fullest that you can—turning down the thermostat, growing your own veggies, riding your bike to work—is good, especially if we can somehow get … more

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The New Earth

The New Earth April 20, 21, and 22, 2006 Zoellner Arts Center – Diamond Theater Lehigh University ‘The New Earth’ is an exhilarating story of transformation, produced in partnership with ArtsLehigh. This theatrical production includes a cast of 35 professional … more

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