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Your Health Is the Result of Decisions Made by Others

There seems to be a renewed awareness and discussion of the intimate connections between your health and decisions made by others — in government and private business — about how to grow food, use of chemical pesticides, industrial products, and … more

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Claiming My Sanity

by Suzanne Hall — I ’m scared. The world seems to have gone crazy, and I am a part of that world. I imagine the world as a moving body that is running towards the edge of a cliff. That cliff … more

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Breastfeeding Awareness

(paraphrased from “The Dastardly Deeds of the AAP”, Mothering Magazine March-April 2004) The National Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign is a three-year multimedia social marketing campaign whose purpose is to carry out the recommendations of the US Department of Health and Human … more

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Mobilize Now!

Abrupt and extreme climate crisis requires all-out emergency mobilization! This is a call for General Mobilization. We must respond with our utmost will power and intention to mitigate the existing extreme climate emergency crisis. Well-informed local citizens have carefully looked … more

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The Healing Path

By Helene B. Leonetti, MD — As I get further on the path toward healing, I recognize that as a physician I can impact many people. When we walk our talk, it has a powerful, mesmerizing life of its own. … more

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Holistic Health

To have a sustainable community, there must be consciously-aware humans who desire a lifestyle that is conducive to supporting each other, as well as the environment in which we live. Our human-ness, our individuality, and our sense of purpose, have … more

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