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Synthetic Turf Overview

In the last few years, considerable evidence has emerged that indicates that synthetic turf (also known as artificial turf) creates serious health concerns. In 2013, the EPA even took the unusual step of withdrawing their safety assurances and called for … more

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Additional Sources & Links from NY Health Department

Additional Links & Resources listed by the NY Department of Health Temperature of In-filled Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields Adamson, C, Feature Research: Synthetic Turf Playing Fields Present Unique Dangers; University of Missouri, Columbia, College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, http://cafnr.missouri.edu/research/turfgrass.php McNitt … more

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Precautionary Principle in Wellness Policies

To build an environment that truly supports health & wellness, we need to recognize that we sometimes need to make decisions before health impacts or safety concerns can be definitively proven or disproven. Where human health is involved, it is … more

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School Wellness Policies

Most school districts have a wellness policy that addresses multiple aspects of student health, often including both food and physical activity. This section deals with food, lunchtime environment, and the importance of the precautionary principle. Healthy School Food Lunchtime Environment Precautionary … more

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Sources & Links for More Information on Synthetic Turf

Following are the principal sources we used to prepare these pages. Reports, Fact Sheets, & Scientific Studies David R. Brown. Artificial Turf. Environment & Human Health (2007). Phyllis Swebilius. More studies needed on artificial turf fields, EPA says. New Haven … more

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Let’s Shoot for the Moon! Again!

by Sheila Gallagher It’s 2015. Have we reached the point of “Now or Nothing”? Climate chaos is reigning. We know we cannot survive on a dead planet, yet we forge forward, fracking for that ever elusive, pre-historic fossil fuel locked … more

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Play It Safe – for athletes, parents, and institutions

All of these recommendations follow the same principles based on understanding the risks created by playing on or near synthetic turf. These recommendations can help reduce — but not eliminate — some of the serious health & safety risks discussed … more

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Antibiotic-Resistant Infections & Turf Burns

Synthetic turf does not cause infections, but turf burns and other minor abrasions open the door for infectious bacteria. At the same time, Sports Turf NorthWest advises that synthetic turf can become contaminated with bacteria and may need to be … more

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What do athletes think?

Another surprise for us was that we learned that most professional athletes prefer to play on natural grass rather than artificial turf. A survey of NFL professional football players found that: 84% of players believe that injuries are less likely … more

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Maintenance & Upkeep

Synthetic turf marketers sometimes claim that their fields require little or no maintenance, but proper maintenance is essential for playability and for the full usable life of the field. Minimal maintenance includes regular brushing, returning loose infill to the playing … more

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