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Food Matters!

“Food matters” is probably the understatement of the year. Some of us are vegan, and some are carnivorous; some strive for a traditional, nutrient dense diet, and others follow a macrobiotic regime. But I think we all want food that … more

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Farmworker Health & Safety

By Sapna E. Thottathil* [This article was originally published in Greenhealth Magazine.] As the health care sector steps forward in support of healthy and sustainable food systems, two critical considerations are the health and safety of the workers producing our foods. … more

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Endocrine Disruptors – a Major Threat

The problem of endocrine disruption seems to be overlooked by many people, but scientists and health experts raised a warning ['The Wingspread Statement'] over 20 years ago. Especially when exposure occurs at vulnerable points in development—during pregnancy or infancy—even incredibly … more

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Social Research | Social Justice 2012 – Student Presentations

April 13, 2012, Moyer Hall (Muhlenberg College) More information 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast Mendham Gallery 9:30 – 10:40 a.m. RESEARCH SESSION I PANEL ONE: Framing Discourses of Popular Media: Gender and Sexuality [Moderator: Kate Richmond, Muhlenberg College] Melissa Pieller, … more

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Chocolate: The Bitter Truth

Fair Trade isn’t just about coffee. Many commodities are subject to abuse by large trading corporations and large growers. Coffee is perhaps the largest volume, but tea, chocolate, sugar, bananas, and many others are also important. Chocolate is subject not … more

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Youth Food Bill of Rights

Declaration of Youth Food Bill of Rights July 30, 2011 We demand respect for mother earth, for the Food Justice and Food Sovereignty culture, and for the indigenous cultures that are working to establish their own autonomous food systems.  All … more

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Campus Food – Is it sustainable & Healthy?

Campus dining services, like other institutional food-service operations, prepare large volumes of food every day, most of it the product of the industrialized food system. It is not grown sustainably, it undermines your health, destroys the natural ecosystems, and is … more

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Sustainability & Public Health

Let’s look at sustainability in terms of how our practices affect human health, both immediately and over the long term.  Whether we call them health problems or environmental problems, though, the prescription for corrective actions is almost identical.  The health lens is … more

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“Their Food”

In this section, we will be looking at the so-called food being provided by industrial ag. Commercial agri-business systems are organized to grow profits. They use such unsustainable approaches as: mono-cropping factory-farming use of laboratory-created chemicals for insecticides, fertilizers, and … more

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